Art of Herbal Synergy – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Art of Herbal Synergy

One of the most fun and fascinating aspects of herbal medicine is the way that herbs can be combined together, to create synergistic formulas with enhanced effectiveness compared to using the same herbs individually. This class will discuss different ways that herbs can be used synergistically, using specific examples of herbal synergies to illustrate these ways. Methods of herbal synergy discussed will include the use of herbs with digestive and bitter properties to enhance absorption by stimulating digestive secretions and bile flow, circulatory stimulants to enhance distribution of herbs throughout the body, herbs that influence how other herbs are metabolized and eliminated, and also how herbs with complementary functions can be stacked together for enhanced activity. This class will also present some guidelines on how to use herbal synergists in formula safely and effectively, keeping in mind the need to match the correct herbal synergists for the person and condition(s) presenting in clinical practice.

1. Learn how supporting body systems of digestion and circulation can create herbal synergy
2. Learn how influencing metabolism and elimination can create herbal synergy
3. Discuss well documented examples of herbal synergies, including safety considerations and how to apply herbal synergy in clinical practice

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