Astrology and Herbs – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Workshops

Astrology and Herbs

Learners will explore the astrological chart for the moment of the consultation as a tool for herbal choices. We will also compare charting decisions for medical procedures and the onset of disease. The basic chart is explained and we discuss the specific areas that inform herbal decisions. The relationship of the clinical presentation of a client regarding humors hot, cold, moist, and dry is compared to that of the astrological chart as a tool for an expanding horizon of the signs that are observed during practice. William will discuss basic humors of each planet and related plant materials. This is an exciting workshop that goes back and forth between presentation and demonstration with live participants.


  • Identify planetary hour and day for care and medicine making
  • Identify the best chart to use for a given problem
  • Use the astrological chart to enhance client care.
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