Back to the Winter Hearth – Our Little Internal Fire – Canadian Herb Conference
2022 CHC 75 minute live

Back to the Winter Hearth – Our Little Internal Fire

During the icy grasp of winter, we have the perfect opportunity to kindle the vital hearth within, our internal powerhouse that produces Qi – our life force driving the bodies’ function and healing – the mitochondria. This isn’t merely the warm fuzz of fireside chats; it’s a crucial facet in tackling a plethora of chronic diseases, from the relentless creep of cancer and the mind’s maze of Alzheimer’s to the lingering specter of long Covid and various neurogenic diseases. Let us embark on an exhilarating journey, fueled by scientific rigor, into this new wave of health therapies. With a pace as swift as an arctic hare, we’ll explore how stoking the internal hearth could provide significant relief for many living with chronic health issues. Yah, it will also be fueled by the odd story or two, as we gather around the digital fire together in community.

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