Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Herb Walk

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku)

 In Japan, the traditional practice of immersing oneself mindfully in nature (Shinrin-Yoku), is a pivotal component of their health care system. 

Dr. Qing Li from Japan is the world’s foremost expert on forest medicine. His research results into the therapeutic effects of forest bathing has shown that spending time in the forest increases the number of natural killer cells in our body, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, reduces stress hormone production, anxiety, depression and stress. 

Patients recover faster and require less pain medication when they are around plants. 

This session is a practical workshop, introducing students through exercises to the practice of forest bathing and guiding them to connect to the plant kingdom. It includes listening to the voices of nature with the help of a device that translates the vibrational frequencies of plants into music. 

The primary focus of this workshop is to experience the healing effect of plants/trees.



  • Have a conscious awareness about the power of plants.
  • Have tools on how to enhance their experience in/with nature.
  • How to communicate and invoke interaction with plants/trees and benefit from their healing gifts.
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