Herbs & Healing from a Rainbow: Intro to Colour & Light Therapy – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Workshops

Herbs & Healing from a Rainbow: Intro to Colour & Light Therapy

The primary focus of herbal medicine deals with the effects of a plant based on its constituents. However, another important aspect of how herbs create change and healing, is due to their colours and subsequent vibrations being brought forward.  Both, light and colour influence and support us on every level of our being:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

In this workshop you will experience the simple yet powerful effects of colour and light. You will walk away with the knowledge and practical ideas on how to utilize the “rainbow” of colour and light as a supportive tool on your journey. 

This workshop is experiential, requiring the active participation of students.


  • The understanding that our reaction to colour is influenced by our personal experiences etc. meaning that not everyone will have the same response to the same colour. 
  • How to integrate colour and light into our daily lives.
  • Have an awareness about the fact that the colours of plants are an important attribute to their healing potential. 
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