Medical Astrology for the Practicing Herbalist – Canadian Herb Conference
2021 workshops

Medical Astrology for the Practicing Herbalist

Medical Astrology for the Practicing Herbalist

60 minutes  

Medical astrology was once an integral part of medical training in traditional European medicine, but as science has become more dominant it was left by the wayside by most. The integration of the astrological pattern with clinical herbalism provides a holistic map for understanding your clients and the remedies you use with greater depth and precision, as well as showing the connection between their physical, energetic, and spiritual attributes.

Our entire blueprint for understanding medicinal plants can be revealed through the planets and signs of astrology. From their organ system affinities, medicinal actions, and energetics, to their morphological characteristics, therapeutic properties, and even chemistry. In the modern era of herbalism, where more practitioners (and clients) are working with the psycho-spiritual aspects of healing, astrology provides profound insights into the medicinal essence of our remedies.

The astrological map also deepens our understanding of people, seeing into the roots of disease and their connection to our emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of being. Like tongue evaluation and pulse assessment, the natal chart is another powerful tool for seeing into the client to find the correct pathway to healing.

This class will introduce some of the core principles of medical astrology, with a particular focus on the planetary bodies and how they are related to people and plants, including: organ system rulerships, energetic qualities, pathological patterns, and medicinal virtues. An outline will also be given on how medical astrology influences your remedy selection, formulation, assessment, and medicine preparation.


  • Date : November 7, 2021
  • Time : 11:15 am - 1:00 pm (America/Vancouver)