Natural Dyeing with Plants – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2023 CHC

Natural Dyeing with Plants

Natural dyes have been used for centuries and are now seeing a surge of new popularity. Dyeing with herbs and even kitchen scraps is a way of connecting to the knowledge of past generations and cultures. Natural dyes are found in every culture and on every continent (even Antarctica). The process can be done using many different methods.

Akin to the slow food movement, the slow fashion movement is gaining worldwide attention due to the ecologically hazardous methods of the conventional garment industry, which pours huge amounts of toxic effluence into waterways from industrial chemical fabric dyes.

Natural Dyeing with Plants shows how to apply multiple natural dye plants to various fibres, giving an in-depth look at how to proceed to do your own plant dye projects. Mordants are explained, showing what they are, how to use them and the effect that they have on the dye itself. Substances used as accelerators, most of which may be found in the home, are also discussed. Viewers receive in-depth information on tools needed and a wide range of dye plant materials that can be used. Unveiling the final results can be exciting, surprising and rewarding and you can be part of this discovery. Come and join us for a journey of transformative colour, courtesy of earth’s vast natural plant world.

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