Nature Deficit Disorder – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 CHC 75 minute live

Nature Deficit Disorder

At a base level we all crave connection, yet many of us struggle to find the type that truly nourishes us at a core level. This is further compounded by the fact that many of us in the west have not grown up with an intact cultural tradition. Most tradition is rooted in the wisdom of ancestry that was closely tuned to the rhythms of the natural world. It can feel counter-intuitive to slow our progress and take a few steps backwards at times, but sometimes this is what is needed if we are to see the forest for the trees.

In this live session we will unpack what can be considered the #1 cause of most chronic physical and mental dis-ease in the modern world, Nature Deficit Disorder.

Together we will explore what nature deficit looks like, how it manifests in our health, and a variety of tools, methods and mindsets for rebuilding more intimate relationships with the land we inhabit and the animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms we share it with.

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