Rediscover a Natural Rhythm: Planning Your Wheel of the Year – Canadian Herb Conference

Rediscover a Natural Rhythm: Planning Your Wheel of the Year

Rediscover Your Natural Rhythm: Planning Your Wheel of the Year.

Finding balance among your personal research passions, business endeavours, family commitments and time in nature can seem impossible. Join Holly Phillips for a transformative 90-minute workshop designed to weave the natural world’s wisdom into your daily life and create a sustainable Wheel of the Year plan that includes your business and your life.

During this workshop, we’ll explore:

  • Yearly Planning: Begin your year with a comprehensive workbook designed to reflect on the past year, and outline your intentions and aspirations for the next.
  • Seasonal Movement: Explore how to move with the rhythm of the seasons, integrating these natural patterns into your personal and professional life.
  • Moon Cycle Check-Ins: Discover how to use the moon’s phases to reflect, adjust, and progress on your journey.
  • Marketing Alignment: Tailor your marketing and advertising strategies within your Wheel of the Year, ensuring your business activities resonate with seasonal energies.
  • Intentional Rest: Add periods of intentional rest so your whole Wheel of the Year becomes sustainable and enjoyable.
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