Mental Health Perspectives from both a Land Based Perspective and Indigenous Worldview – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Workshops

Mental Health Perspectives from both a Land Based Perspective and Indigenous Worldview

This workshop is about how magical and misunderstood the human body is, where physiological perspectives towards mental health are being taught through an Indigenous worldview as an understanding and process on how to live a good life. The teaching of the land, plant medicines and Indigenous perspectives are emphasized as an alternative and invaluable perspective towards honoring the essence and integrity of a person’s wholeness. Following the ability to perceive health challenges as a 4-part person connection to the world we engage in, and how these issues alternatively can be viewed as a learning process. And where the understanding of give and take as a process within an Indigenous worldview is viewed as our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health all need to be in sync and in balance with each other are the actions of reciprocity with caring for the land like it is our own lives.

The analogy of mental health challenges are like dark clouds, and where we cannot appreciate sunny skies and blossoming flowers without having dark clouds form, that are made up of dust particles and water molecules, and windy days to disperse water from the clouds as a symbiotic relationship and connection to Mother Earth.

And leading to the philosophy on how to live a good life is taught through discipline, where fasting, learning to breathe to lower the heart rate and challenging our physical, emotional and mental thresholds created new neuropathways to build resiliency within the body.


  • Gain Indigenous perspectives on Mental Health as a gift
  • Learn to regulate the nervous system, behaviors and emotions without hindering spirit
  • Utilize land based teachings as emotional intelligence and awareness
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