Somatic Herbalism – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2023 CHC

Somatic Herbalism

Soma translates to ‘the body’; somatic experiences are the sensations felt in the body which inform us about our health, history, and current state. By observing the body, and learning the language through which it speaks, we gain insight into the individual in front of us. As herbalists, working with somatic exploration can deepen our understanding of our clients, and how herbs are working in in their specific system.

Rather then relying only on our own understanding of plants, we can incorporate the way in which each herb interacts with a person on a somatic level. This deep listening and observation can help us to craft a fitting formula for the unique person sitting in front of us.

In this workshop we will explore how clinical herbalist can begin to incorporate somatic awareness into their practices in order to empower their clients, improve their formulation, and better understand their clients.