20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

The Art of the Botanical Dispensary: Maintaining Autonomy with the Compounding Policy

Creating customized Herbal Medicine for Client Centered Care is paramount to providing access to health care that makes meaningful changes to a person’s wellness. Working 1:1 with clients and preparing medicine specifically for their needs allows the Herbalist to ensure that the person is receiving the most appropriate herbs necessary to their wellness goals.

In Canada, the Natural Health Product Compounding Policy offers the Herbalist the distinction to create customized herbal medicine within the client practitioner relationship. Herbalists are permitted to create medicines for their clients and dispense directly to them within this relationship. Canada is the only country in the world to have this policy in place, making it an incredible opportunity for the Herbalist in practice to maintain autonomy while staying true to the tradition of Herbal Medicine Compounding.

Join Colleen Emery as she shares her experience in creating a business that is built on utilizing the NHP Compounding Policy to maintain autonomy, provide access to client centred care and compounding services for Herbalists in practice throughout Canada.

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