2022 Workshops


Medicinal Soap-Making (Cold-Processed Soap)

This hands-on workshop will cover the history and theory of making cold-processed soap, a technique utilizing lye and oils creating


Dual Extraction Tincturing Methods

Dual extraction tincturing is a method of medicine making that uses two different solvents, alcohol and water, to extract a


Aromatic Plant Distillation: Creating Hydrosols and Essential Oils

Join Patrick Kooyman and Colleen Emery as they take us through the unique process of distilling aromatic botanicals. Participants will


The Decent Demulcents: The Herbal Magic of Foams, Fluffs and Whips

Herbal demulcents are often overlooked or avoided in herbal medicine. Many people do not enjoy the power of herbal slime.


Herbal Mocktails

Double Double Toil and Trouble, make me a Mocktail with herbs and bubbles! In this interactive taste tantalizing workshop experience,


Herbal Chocolate Alchemy

In herbalism when compliance is key – chocolate is the solution… Chocolate is the Ultimate Delivery System! And you will


Thalassotherapy: Ocean Medicine for Opulent Health

Thalassotherapy is an old world practice of using components from the sea in a spa ritual setting to calm the


From Seed to Bottle: A Year on the Medicinal Herb Growing Calendar

In this demonstration Dane and Storii will share their experiences through a whole calendar year on their herb farm, Wild

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Treating the Heart and Anxiety with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Psycho emotional illness is often at the root of most diseases. In Chinese Medicine we say this is a disease


Healing Herbs and Water – Ceremonial Circle

All life and healing herbs need water, everyone knows this importance. The quality of water you utilize for growing your

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The Medicinal Use of Alcohol: What is in the menstruum?

There was a time when all Al-kuhl (which means “BODY-EATING SPIRIT” and is the origin of the term “ghoul”) contained

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Sacred Spirit Plant Healing – Vibrational Plant Essence

Connect deeply with the sacred, life-force energy of plants. Plant spirit healing involves meeting plant energy to influence healing of

Vitex Agnus Castus – Focused Materia Medica Session

Vitex Agnus Castus – Focused Materia Medica Session 90 Minute Workshop This misunderstood herb has been used for thousands of

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Sustainability and Regenerative Herbalism – through the lens of a Registered Herbalist and Contract Manufacturer

A conversation that we all need to be part of, whether listening, initiating or partaking in. Come join Penelope as

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Psychoactive Master Plants are our Mentors: how to best hear their powerful messages

Josh and Kelly from Dragonfly Earth Medicine will explore the essence and power of what makes a plant a Master Plant.

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Integrating Local Herbs into Chinese Herbal Medicine

Supply chain issues during the last 2 years have also affected herbalists. Not the least because Chinese herbal medicine was

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Ecological Grief & Anxiety Workshop: Resiliency & Hope in an Era of Climate Change

Ever look at what’s happening with our climate and just want to hide? Fight? Cry? Scream? Sleep? Help? If so,

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Mitochondrial Dysfunction the Perennial Cause of Many Health Issues

The Mitochondria are the little engines that ‘could’ in most cells of our body. We inherit mitochondria from the female

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The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food & Medicine Plants of the North

Foraging north of 60: wild food and medicine plants of the northern boreal forest. Journey through the northern landscape connecting

Herbal World Cafe

We invite you to participate in a Herbal World Cafe that identifies barriers within our herbal community that we want

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Stories of a Metis Herbalist – Marie Rose’s 80 Years on the Plains

Follow 80 years in the life of CCHA Herbal Elder Marie Rose Smith, a Metis herbalist & midwife who cared

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Formulation Techniques for Client Specific Care

Creating customized botanical formulations for clinical practice takes a keen awareness of many combined factors to create a synergy of

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Endangered Native Medicinal Plants

Come join international lecturer, Penelope as she shares her heart’s work with us! As the recipient of the 2021 United

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Fifty Shades of Grey: The Drug & Herb Interaction Continuum

Dr Glen Nagel in a talk on the potential of drug/ herb interactions. This talk will cover practical knowledge and

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Transformative Master Plants: How to Honour them through Regenerative Cultivation and Education

The role Plant Medicine has on Healthy Mind, Body and Soil in this time of great transition. Transformative Master Plants

Reishi Relations – A Ganoderma Deep Dive

Reishi Relations – A Ganoderma Deep Dive – 90 Minute Workshop Reishi Mushrooms and its Ganoderma relatives are considered some

Topical treatments for Cancer Care

The skin is our largest organ and topical herbal applications provide a great opportunity to deliver remedies safely and effectively.

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Cacao Ceremony

Join our cacao ceremony on Sunday night from 6-9pm. Register at the Elixir Bar at the Gathering – suggested $10

Herb Walk

Resourcing the Nervous System with Aromatic Botanicals

Our collective experience in the past 2 years has been dynamic, encouraging all of us to find diverse and meaningful

Herb Walk

Herb Walk for Digestive Issues

In the backdrop of Innisfree’s wonderful Botanical Garden, we will look at some of the most prominent medicines for the

Moonlight Labyrinth Walk

Join with songstress Joanna Finch for a journey to the center of the labyrinth. With voice and song, with silence

Herb Walk

Medicinal Trees of Innisfree Farm

Explore some of the unique and unusual medicinal trees such as black walnut, willow, 3 kinds of cedar, eucalyptus, birch,

Herb Walk

Herbal Bitters

Plants are remarkably bitter and have been used therapeutically for centuries. This classic herb walk in the forest and field

Herb Walk

Forest Herb Walk

 Explore the forest trails adjacent to Innisfree Farm, discovering local wild plants and their uses for medicine, food and technological

Herb Walk

Walking Meditation: Listening to Nature

In this walk, we will be engaging the principles of mindfulness to connect our internal and external experience. Mindful movement

Herb Walk

Following the Seasons ‘Round: A Year in the Life of the Metis

The life of Metis people is traditionally guided by the seasons, each moon providing another connection to nature, growth in

Becoming One With Nature

During the walk, we’ll do taste testing; on some of the things that can , and that’ll be introduction to