COVID-19: Herbal Medicine Strategies for Acute & Chronic Care

COVID-19: Herbal Medicine Strategies for Acute and Chronic Care 90 minutes  COVID-19 has become endemic within our communities, requiring herbal clinicians to respond accordingly. The panelists will discuss their clinical experience with COVID-19 to date. Colleen Emery Todd Caldecott Bev Maya ModeratorChanchal Cabrera Sponsored by Real Mushrooms← Back to Workshops

Reciprocity – A Practice of Community Solidarity

Reciprocity -  A Practice of Community Solidarity90 minutes  This panel will discuss how we can give back to the plants, our teachers, our community and at the same time maintain our own personal wellbeing. Join us to explore ways to cultivate abundance and reciprocity in your herbal journey. Tamara Segal Jamie Black Sheena Bradley Rob Sinclair(Moderator) Colleen Emery Alexis Burnett← Back to Workshops

Ask a Herbalist

Ask a Herbalist75 minutes  This is your chance to ask a panel of practicing herbalists anything you want to know about the practice, craft, and profession of herbalism in Canada. This group will be wholeheartedly sharing their ideas, tips, suggestions, and wisdom gleaned from years of clinical practice, medicine making, cultivating, wildcrafting and harvesting herbs, and running herb-related businesses in varying capacities. If you are looking to navigate a career in herbalism, or even if you're simply curious about the ins

The World of Herbs (Associations of Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners)

The World of Herbs (Associations of Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners)2 hoursThis unprecedented panel discussion will shine a light on the reality of the landscape of regulation within the Western herbal medicine profession, and how it is practiced around the world. Our panelists will explore the pros and cons, the challenges and opportunities facing the profession of herbal medicine in the 21st century. Dr. Rosarie Kingston (Ireland) Bevin Clare (USA) Katolen Yardley (Canada) David Casteleijn (Australia) Phil Deakin (United Kingdom) Dr

Resilience – Tools for building healthy communities and supporting regenerative change

Resilience – Tools for building healthy communities and supporting regenerative change90 minutes  Join the discussion with our diverse panel of experts from gardeners to clinicians and learn practical strategies to add to your toolbox for building healthy communities, and supporting resilient individuals and change within your own backyard. . Monica Giacomin Nikola Barsoum Maryann Abbs ModeratorYarrow Willard Steven Martyn Sponsored by Harmonic Arts Jasmyn Clift← Back to Workshops

Wise Woman Teachings: From our gardens, fields, and forests

Pat Crocker Penelope BeaudrowThe coming Earth challenges are growing louder and louder. Herbalists can play a significant role in guiding humans toward an existence that includes the wholeness of life on the planet. Pat and Penelope reflect on what it means to be a Wise Woman and how all herbalists walk the path of Wise Beings.Join Pat and Penelope as they contemplate how we can engage our eyes, hands, and hearts to embody respect, resilience, and reciprocity in our everyday

Phytotherapeutic Applications of Magic Mushrooms

Todd Caldecott Phytotherapeutic Applications of Magic Mushrooms 20 minutes   This lecture provides an overview of the history and use of psilocybin/psilocin-containing fungi in clinical practice. Using case history to illustrate its usage, this lecture includes a review of its chemistry, indications, contraindications, pharmacy, and its application in both macro- and microdosing in the treatment of psychological disorders, including depression and anxiety, to build psychological resiliency.

Phytotherapeutic Perspectives on Dementia

Todd Caldecott Phytotherapeutic Perspectives on Dementia 60 minutes   It is estimated that dementia is experienced by about 10% of the population at some point in their lives and is one of the most common causes of disability in the aged. The disorder represents a significant psychosocial and financial burden for families and yet there are very few medical interventions that are effective, providing ample opportunity for holistic interventions to play a role. This lecture provides an in-depth review of dementia,

A Conscious Menopause Journey

Christine Dennis A Conscious Menopause Journey 60 minutes   The menopause journey can be a very chaotic and stormy period for many women AND their families. There can be confusion and turmoil on all levels of one’s being because it is often both an ever and rapidly changing landscape. So how does one best navigate this wild weather through new territory?  I believe it is by being a conscious observer from the eye of the storm where there is no ground

Herbs for Resilience

Monica Giacomin Herbs for Resilience 60 minutes   My garden is filled with nervines, adaptogens, herbs that nourish our hearts and brains, and others that have anti-viral properties. In this lecture I will present gardening tips, experiences, folklore and science of a dozen herbs that I consider to be "Herbs for Resilience": Holy Basil, Hawthorn, Rose, Stinging Nettle, Astragalus, St. John's Wort, Elder, Oats, Motherwort, Prunella, Lemon Balm, Goldenrod. We will also discuss how to develop a spiritual practice connecting with

Are Adaptogens Always the Answer? A workshop on refining formulation skills

Seraphina Capranos Are Adaptogens Always the Answer? A workshop on refining formulation skills 60 minutes   Is the popularity of adaptogens in commercial herbalism leading to them to being over prescribed? Are there more useful herbal actions being overlooked? 

The skillful practitioner learns to look beneath the surface of what’s presented in a case, in some respects our job is a detective. We must hone the skills necessary to make sense of the patterns dis-ease are communicating. Symptoms are an expression

Fall Foraging in Southern Alberta & Rewilding Your Garden

Angela Bewick Julie Walker Fall Foraging in Southern Alberta: a virtual plant walk 60 minutes   This will be a 40- 60 minute video recording of a virtual plant walk in/around Calgary. We will be focusing on edible foods and exploring ways to incorporate "wild" foods into our meals.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Elderberry Syrup At Home

Bree NabholzA Step-by-Step Guide to Making Elderberry Syrup At Home20 minutes  Come join Bree Nabholz, Registered Herbalist, in her kitchen as she leads you through a step-by-step process to creating your very own Elderberry syrup at home. This classic herbal recipe isn't popular by accident! On top of being absolutely delicious, Elderberry syrup is incredibly potent medicine that increases the body's natural resilience to illness, especially as we navigate through the winter months. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties keep bugs at

Herbal Practices for Parents & Caregivers of Children

Kristin StarkHerbal Practices for Parents & Caregivers of Children20 minutes  It can be hard to find the time for our herbal practice in the best of times, and especially when parenting or caring for young children. Yet, integrating herbs into our everyday lives can help to build health, wellness, and joy, making us more resilient as individuals and humans living in community. This session will focus on fun herbal practices we can bring into our daily rhythms as everyday aspects of

Renegotiating the Client-Practitioner Relationship

William MorrisRenegotiating the Client-Practitioner Relationship:  Moving from symptom to transformation, and phenomena to interpretation60 minutes  Often practitioners will perceive a deeper level of imbalance behind the chief complaint with which a client presents. The transition from one therapeutic agreement to another is an act that requires awareness and sensitivity.

Nourishing the Blood

Tiffany FreemanNourishing the Blood60 minutes  Blood is the vital substance that holds, houses, and creates the life force energy of our body. Throughout the many phases of life our relationship to blood moves to the forefront, pregnancy followed by the postpartum period is one of those times. In the postpartum period blood loss is something that is often overlooked and left “untreated”, even with medical research stating that 1 out of 3 people suffer anemia after childbirth. For those parents without

Nettle: From A Tiny Seed to a Powerful Medicine

Abrah Arneson Nettle: From a Tiny Seed to a Powerful Medicine 20 minutes   All parts of the Nettle plant offer medicine.The leaf offers medicine for deep nourishment and cleansing, the root helps out the prostrate when it's aching, and the seed, the tiny, tiny seed, carries Nettle's most potent medicine. During this workshop Abrah will explore the medicine contained in the Nettle seed and when to use it. She will explain how and when to gather the medicine and different

The Art and Science of Blending with Essential Oils

Colleen Emery The Art and Science of Blending with Essential Oils 20 minutes   Creating an essential oil blend can be a deeply creative process that involves both instinct and the keen understanding of basic categories of aroma. Working from an olfactory framework of scent description alongside therapeutic applications, Colleen Emery will outline a practical, yet effective way to create synergistic aromatherapy blends. This 20-minute workshop will review: Scent Families & Odour Description Persistence and Note Category Basic Blending Math Basic

Cannabis – Clinical Best Practices

Jeananne LaingCannabis - Clinical Best Practices60 minutes  Incorporating cannabis into a clinical practice can be intimidating. This workshop will clear up confusion around cannabis use, helping you be more confident in utilizing this powerful herb with your clients. Topics covered include understanding when cannabis use is appropriate, methods of use, cautions and safety concerns, some known cannabis/drug interactions, and how to choose products.

Qi Gong with Tristan Ford

Tristan FordQi Gong with Tristan Ford30 minutes  Tristan will be sharing some simple moving meditation exercises that focus on breath and awareness to invigorate our qi and energize the day.

Two Herbs to Respect: Devil’s Club and Pokeroot

Katolen YardleyTwo Herbs to Respect: Devil’s Club and Pokeroot60 minutes  Join us for an introduction to two powerful medicine plants that command our respect: Oplopanax horridus (Devil’s Club or Devil’s Walking Stick) and Phytolacca decandra / americanum (Pokeroot). We will review both traditional first nations use of this revered plant covering topics from spiritual to topical and medicinal use of Devil’s Club then move on to learning about Pokeroot. We will review the phytochemistry and known therapeutic actions, clinical indications for

Sustainable Packaging Issues for Herbal Products

Yarrow Willard Elise LeBlancSustainable Packaging Issues for Herbal Products60 minutes  There.....

Wild Harvesting with Reciprocity

Tamara Segal Wild Harvesting with Reciprocity 20 minutes   Often the medicines that we harvest and prepare ourselves are more potent both physically and vibrationally than those purchased anywhere else. Wildcrafting herbs can be a beautiful process, allowing for special connection with the medicine and the land. As herbalism grows in popularity and wildcrafting becomes more common, however, it is crucial that we understand the impact that wild harvesting makes. In this presentation, we'll look at ways to harvest with respect

Decolonizing Herbal Practices

Tiffany Freeman Decolonizing Herbal Practices 20 minutes   There are many efforts to bring about more awareness of our plant allies, sustainability, and guidelines for cultivation & wild harvesting, but what do we know about our relationship to the first peoples of the land that we inhabit and their relationship to those plants? Indigenous peoples from Turtle Island have a deep cultural connection to the plants for ceremony, food, medicines, clothing & other life necessities, but many of our traditional plants

Sacred Plants – Spiritual and Medicinal Uses

Penelope Beaudrow Lauri HoegSacred Plants - Spiritual and Medicinal Uses20 minutes  Join long-time friends Penelope and Lauri while they share about Ojibwe sacred medicines and their medicinal and spiritual properties, as well as the importance of incorporating rituals and ceremonies in our daily lives.

Medicinal Mead Making: The Honey Wine Of Olden Time

Denis ManzerMedicinal Mead Making: The Honey Wine Of Olden Time 60 minutes   A how-to exploration of the alchemy of transforming honey into wine. Learn the simple skills and techniques that will allow you to brew your own at home! We will be going on a journey to discover: The origins of mead & the ancient history of bees and man The phenomenal healing qualities of honey win The Many Healing herbs that have been traditionally infused in mead to give

Cree Medicine Bundle

Robert RogersCree Medicine Bundle60 minutes  A short survey of Russell Wilier’s journey with plant medicine, and sharing of his boreal forest wisdom. Before Russell passed on several years ago, he shared his plant knowledge with Dr. David Young and myself. We all had connections going back nearly forty years, allowing a respectable sharing to happen. This workshop will look at several of the plants in his tenth generation medicine bundle, the manner in which he used them, and some of the

Meditation with Charlene Jones

Charlene Jones Meditation with Charlene Jones 20 minutes   Even those who spend their lives in the green living sphere sometimes take for granted the power of our connection with the vegetative kingdom. Using myths and fairy tales that include herbs and the green living sphere as our guide we will experience some meditation practices that increase sensitivity to the green living sphere and all the elementals who live in and on our green life.

Sustainability within the Herbal Medicine Industry: For respect of the herbs and the herb growers

Krista Dawn PoultonSustainability within the Herbal Medicine Industry: For respect of the herbs and the herb growers60 minutes  As the field of Herbal Medicine is growing and expanding, concerns regarding ethics of sourcing our plants is imperative for continued survival of our medicinal plants. Discussions will consist of at-risk plants from the United Plant Savers list and social movements towards sustainable transparent sourcing. Specific plants will be discussed such as Ulmus rubra (Slippery elm), Hydrastis canadensis (Goldenseal), Echinacea spp. (Purple Coneflower),

Artemisia annua – a Medicine of our Times

Chanchal Cabrera Artemisia annua - a Medicine of our Times 20 minutes   This aromatic annual, commonly called sweet Annie, is related to wormwood, mugwort, tarrago, white sage, and southernwood, all of them deeply aromatic plants. This lecture explores how the special and unique sesquiterpenes of A. Annua are used in blood-borne parasitic conditions like malaria and Lyme disease, as well as how to use it as a cytotoxic herb in treating cancer.

Clinical Use of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy

Mark HadenClinical Use of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy60 minutes  Ther.....

5 Elements Model for Encouraging Resilience: Help for preparing for the Great Turning and changing global landscapes

Christine Dennis 5 Elements Model for Encouraging Resilience: Help for preparing for the Great Turning and changing global landscapes 60 minutes   As herbalists we are in a position to be able to help encourage patients to make changes in themselves and in their lives that are hopefully in right relationship with Mother Earth. And this can help them better face the massive global changes and challenges that are going on already. From personal internal resiliency to resiliency in how we

Medical Astrology for the Practicing Herbalist

Sajah PophamMedical Astrology for the Practicing Herbalist60 minutes  Medical astrology was once an integral part of medical training in traditional European medicine, but as science has become more dominant it was left by the wayside by most. The integration of the astrological pattern with clinical herbalism provides a holistic map for understanding your clients and the remedies you use with greater depth and precision, as well as showing the connection between their physical, energetic, and spiritual attributes.Our entire blueprint for understanding

Culture and its Influence on Clinical Practice

Dr. Rosarie KingstonCulture and its Influence on Clinical Practice20 minutes  Our understanding of medicine is governed by the culture in which we live. The tools of medicine—case history, examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics—remain the same whether we live in the Amazon or New York. However, how we use these tools, and how our patients understand their illness, is a product of culture and environment. “Soul fright” and the need for “soul retrieval” will be a foreign concept to a patient and

Herbal Medicine for the Modern Traveler: Practical strategies for herbal medicine self-care on the road or around the globe

Bevin ClareHerbal Medicine for the Modern Traveler: Practical strategies for herbal medicine self-care on the road or around the globe20 minutes  World-wandering is the best when you are healthy and thriving, but it isn’t always easy with the challenges of being on the road. Simple preparations and practices can make your journeys more likely to be happy, healthy ones and you can be better prepared when things go awry. This talk will share practical, simple strategies you can use whether you

Celtic Herbalism

Danny O’Rawe & Keith RobertsonCeltic Herbalism75 minutes  An introduction to the native medicine practice and culture of Ireland and Scotland. Drawing on ancient Celtic Lore, Keith and Danny discuss how the ancient Druids drew upon the study and contemplation of natural phenomenon and used it to guide their healing modalities. Later they embraced the Humoral tradition which was the main energetic system of European medicine until medieval times. Now, in the present day, there is a need to reconsider and explore

Medical Astrology & Spiritual Considerations in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia

Maureen Robertson Medical Astrology & Spiritual Considerations in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia 75 minutes   Thinking outside the box has been a major breakthrough for dealing with this fascinating case of a patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue for over 15 years. The pain associated with the symptom picture came about due to the presence of 'dark forces' triggering acute pain and exhaustion. Under current opioid-based medication, which is becoming less effective, and having accessed further insights from the patient's natal

Humoral Medicine – Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

Steve TaylorHumoral Medicine - Ancient Medicine for Modern Times75 minutes  Ancient cultures across the globe developed an intimate relationship with the natural environment on which they depended. Foods, medicines, and goods were sourced from the flora and fauna around them and over generations a deep practical wisdom evolved in how to benefit from nature without destroying it. This ancestral wisdom always starts from the recognition that people are also part of the natural world, and that we share the same foundations,

The Colonial Roots of Western Herbal Medicine in Australia

Sue EvansThe Colonial Roots of Western Herbal Medicine in Australia20 minutes  An underlying assumption of many herbalists is that their practice is an expression of their connection to their land, to country. This is a challenge for Western (European) herbalists in Australia as Australia’s unique flora, and indigenous understanding of its healing potential, has not been incorporated into their materia medica. Rather these herbalists rely almost exclusively on imported species, the materia medica that is common to their colleagues in North

Herbalism As Rebellion

Fiona Heckels & Karen LawtonHerbalism as Rebellion20 minutesA discussion of how herbalism is at the core of supporting a change in the system of capitalism. At this time with the pandemic turning more and more people to growing food themselves, more people are learning about sustainability, community growing projects are thriving, and with each new gardener comes renewed hope that the plants, with their magic and medicine, will weave positive change.

Flower Essences: How to create your own flower essences

Gudrun Penselin Flower Essences - How to create your own flower essences 20 minutes This workshop is a practical demonstration on how to make your own flower essences, using the original method developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The steps included are: creating the flower essence water, preparing the mother tincture, stock bottle, and treatment bottle.

Meditation with Gudrun Penselin

Gudrun PenselinMeditation with Gudrun Penselin30 minutes  A Journey Through the Seasons.Explore the benefits and exhilarating effects of this moving morning meditation. This session combines honoring the Earth, movement meditation, and connecting to plant spirit as we journey through the seasons of plant life.

Values-Driven Packaging for Herbalists

Yarrow Willard Elise LeBlanc Values-Driven Packaging for Herbalists 20 minutes   Through Harmonic Arts' rebrand process over the past few years, we've learned a lot about the importance of brand clarity, and values-based packaging. This short talk will share tips on values-based packaging and the importance of sustainability in your packaging strategy. - Why packaging matters - Values-driven packaging, understanding your customer, and consumer trends in 2021. - Clarity in package messaging, communicating your product. - Sustainable packaging: Sustainable options, carbon

What is a solidarity audit? Lessons from working as a herbalist in the refugee camps in Northern France

Melissa Ronaldson What is a solidarity audit? Lessons from working as a herbalist in the refugee camps in Northern France 90 minutes   Herbalists from the UK and Ireland have volunteered as individuals in the refugee camps in Northern France since 2015. In the last two years we have operated collectively as Herbalists Without Borders Uk .We run a mobile clinic and since October 2019 have supported more that 4,000 refugees with herbal medicine treatments. This talk will explore how this

The Story of How the Stars Fell to Earth, Seeding the Healing Plants

Abrah Arneson The Story of How the Stars Fell to Earth, Seeding the Healing Plants  15 minutes   Join storyteller, Abrah Arneson, as she shares a story from her book The Weaving: Plants, Planets and People. 

The Witching Herbs: Alkaloid-rich psychotropic plants

Fiona Heckels & Karen Lawton The Witching Herbs: Alkaloid-rich psychotropic plants  75 minutes   Wise women, apothecaries, witches, herbalists, we who cultivate plants for their magic and medicine often have a special space dedicated to ‘the poisons’. A talk dedicated to some of the power plants and holding a special place in our hearts, minds and gardens. Here we have a few hints, ideas and tips to share with you about our own favourite plants in the witch’s garden. Getting acquainted

Green Breath Meditation

Seraphina CapranosGreen Breath Meditation20 minutes  Please join Seraphina Capranos for this Green Breath Meditation. Plants are so much more than their physical constituents. They are portals to the heart of the Earth. When we allow ourselves to be initiated by plants, we receive their teaching of expanding our capacity to hold even more life force, that unseen energy that animates all of life.

A Journey Through the Seasons with Gudrun Penselin

Gudrun PenselinA Journey Through the Seasons with Gudrun Penselin  20 minutes   Explore the benefits and exhilarating effects of this moving morning meditation. This session combines honoring the Earth, movement meditation, and connecting to plant spirit as we journey through the seasons of plant life.

Henriette’s Favourite Books: A tour through a bibliophile heaven

Henriette KressHenriette's Favourite Books: A tour through a bibliophile heaven20 minutes  There are quite a few herbal books in English. In this session I’ll show you and tell you about my favourite herbal books, old ones and new ones. Cool ones only, because I give away the less cool ones, and the awful ones just get binned.

Regenerative Plant Medicine: Permaculture for the Herbalist Path

Shantree KaceraRegenerative Plant Medicine: Permaculture for the Herbalist Path75 minutes  The plant world is one of the most regenerative examples we have in this world today. One way to shift our paradigm is to integrate and apply the practices of regeneration into our daily life. We can learn this by observing, interpret and then applying a regenerative way of being.Herbalism is Gaia in Action – a beautiful role model to support us towards a regenerative future. Reclaiming our heritage of herbal

The Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Rosita ArvigoThe Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer for Spiritual Healing75 minutes  Participants will learn how to combine water, plants and prayers to bring about healing of the spirit. Participants will learn several common plants to use in this manner.Contraindications and cautions will be discussed.

Introduction to Growing Medicinal Herbs

Nikola BarsoumIntroduction to Growing Medicinal HerbsJoin Nikola from Half Moon Herbals for a fun field chat as she shares some tips for growing medicinal herbs through small-scale production with a focus on a farm AND home-scale. Nikola shares some practical considerations for growing including collaboration potentials and sales-streams, as well as tips for working with small spaces. This talk concludes with a brief demonstration showing you how to take soft-wood cuttings from some of Nikola's favourite herbs.

3 Eclectic Formulas and Michael Moore Walk Into a Bar

Maryann Abbs Jasmyn Clift3 Eclectic Formulas and Michael Moore Walk Into a BarIn this workshop, Jasmyn and Maryann will review the Materia Medica of:-Neutralizing Cordial- Glyconda- Hayden’s Viburnum Compound (HVC)We will share some case studies and some clinical experience, to show whythese traditional formulas have become indispensable in both our herbalpractises and our day to day lives.The late Michael Moore taught us about these 3 classic pharmacy standardcompounds. Trust us: you also want to know about these versatile traditionalformulas!

Four Cornerstones of Traditional Herbalism

Steven Martyn of The Sacred Gardener speaks to the movement from traditional herbalism to today's more medically based herbalism. Steven outlines the four cornerstones of traditional herbalism, and how they work in his herbal practice.

Seed Saving

Learn from an experienced cultivator how to collect and save seed to optimize seed viability. This class will cover: - materials required for successful collection - seed ripeness - seed cleaning and processing - seed storage Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed← Back to Workshops

Truth and Reconciliation from a Settler Herbalist

Yarrow WillardTruth and Reconciliation from a Settler Herbalist20 minutes  If we want to make this world a safe place for all who are marginalized, it’s going to take some radical honesty and personal vulnerability when looking at our part to play in it.There is a great change afoot. The old guard is crumbling. Its house of mirrors can no longer keep us distracted from the compounding truths and evidence we see all around us.Now is the time to start peeling back