2020 Presenters

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2020 Keynote Speaker


Botanist, medical biochemist, author

The North American Medicine Walk with Diana Kroeger

60 minutes
More information to come

Colleen Emery


Terry Willard

Clinical Herbalist, Author, Ph.D. Herbal Elder

Ember Peters

Clinical Herbalist

Robert Rogers

Herbal Elder, Author, and Fun-gi

Malcolm Saunders

Creative Visionary, Intuitive Chef, Nutritionist

Pierre S. Haddad

PhD, Pharmacology Researcher

Jeananne Laing

Registered Herbalist (AHA)

Laurie Lacey

Herbal Elder, Traditional Medicine Maker

Savayda Jarone

Clinical Herbalist

Marie White

Community Herbalist

Yarrow Willard

Herbal Jedi

Talal Al-Hamad

Western Herbalism, Islamic Herbalism, Ayurveda, Alchemy

Raphaelle Gagnon

Folk Herbalist

Dionne Jennings

Community Herbalist

Chad Cornell

Integrative Herbalist / Holistic & Jyoti Therapist

Evelyn Coggins

Clinical Herbalist

Barb Hinde

Herb Grower

Connie Kehler

Agricultural Collections Specialist

Michaël Friedman

Naturopathic Doctor

Josh & Kelly

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Chanchal Cabrera

Medical Herbalist, Herbal Elder

Marisa Marciano

Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Herbalist

Krista Poulton

Medical Herbalist

Amber Fox

Medical Herbalist

Todd Caldecott

Medical Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Patrick Kooyman

Ethnobotanist, Herbalist

Penelope Beaudrow

Registered Herbalist

Angela Willard

Clinical Herbalist

Jennifer Gawne

R.TCM.H (Registered TCM Herbalist)

Tamara Segal

Clinical Herbalist

Tiffany Freeman

R.Ac, TCMD, Reg Cl.H

Victor Cirone

Clinical Herbalist

Gudrun Penselin

Clinical Herbalist, Author

Sarah Orlowski

Master Herbalist, Qi Gong Practitioner

Bev Maya

Medical Herbalist

Abrah Arneson

Clinical Herbalist

William Morris


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