Herbal Synergy

In all the worlds great herbal traditions, the use of single herbs (simples) is virtually unknown. Complex formulas are most often used and are if properly formulated significantly more effective than individual remedies. With classic traditional formulas there are clear strategies to create a mixture that is more than the sum of it’s parts (1 […]

The Secret Medicine: Herbs for Contraception

This workshop explores contraceptive herbs. Contraception is an essential element of a woman’s reproductive health. Women are told that herbs are ineffective contraception and even dangerous. But are they? Together we will journey back in time, listening for the voices of women who once used herbs for contraception to try to unearth their forgotten wisdom. […]

Committing to place to connect with the future. Blackfoot land-based herbal education and revitalisation

The video interview will take you on a tour to the ancestral Siksikaiksahko, the homelands of the Blackfoot people, where Api’soomaahka works to protect the land, honours Blackfoot spirits and tradition, and encourages people to think (differently) about their relationships with other beings and their environment. Caretaking of the land in the sense Api’soomaahka understands, […]

Who Are We Treating Anyway? Uncovering Our Patient’s Constitution

Traditional systems of medicine have always been as interested in the type of person that we are treating as much as the type of illness that we are encountering. This approach states that the nature of the person is likely to be a pivotal factor in the type of illness that they experience. This makes […]

What’s Wrong With My Gut? The Hidden Truth Behind GI Upset and How to Feel Better

GI complaints are one of the top reasons for visits to healthcare practitioners in Canada and in fact, Canada holds the highest rate for IBS in the world (18% in Canada vs. 11% worldwide). Today, research shows that 70% of Irritable Bowel Syndrome IS ACTUALLY SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). Sadly though, this condition is […]

Taste, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology

A traditional way to evaluate the medicinal action and potency of herbs is by using the information provided by our senses, particularly taste and smell. This method is known as organoleptics, and when we practice and hone the use of our built in sensory tool kit, it provides very specific information on the medicinal uses […]

Blood Sugar Dysregulation: Interconnections and Herbal Approaches

Insulin resistance, the precursor to type 2 diabetes, is a very common endocrine imbalance that is impacted by liver function, stress, trauma, systemic oppression and inflammation. The dominant medical paradigm focuses on symptoms like weight gain rather than underlying root causes and whole person support. Through a client-centred, body-positive and harm reduction approach, Ember will […]

Fortify with Herbal Soups and Broths

What is more nourishing than a hot bowl of soup in the cold months?! By skillfully adding medicinal herbs, you can ensure your meal is not only loaded with vitamins and minerals, but also medicinal compounds that support our immune, respiratory, and other body systems. Medicinal soups and broths create deep nourishment to carry us […]

Growing Chinese Herbs: Daodi Practices

This class is for anyone interested in growing Chinese herbs. The introduction will allow gardeners and farmers alike to understand the basic concepts of growing Chinese herbs while gaining practical information for cultivating 4 major species used in Chinese medicine. Introduction to the concept to “daodi” (道地) 1. Place 2. Genetics 3. Human interaction Aspects […]

Basic Botanical Industry Concepts

Today’s botanical industry landscape will be described from the point of view of historical botanical drugs to current stakeholders. Basic botanical concepts critical to industry will be covered, including botanical ingredient nomenclature, standardization, and extract categorizations. Raw material to extract ratios will be explained as this is often how the strength of commercial extracts is […]

La Menopause: La Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise et les Plantes Médicinales Occidentales

Mieux comprendre la vision de la péri ménopause en médecine traditionnelle chinoise et les tableaux pathologiques communément présents, dans la théorie des 5 éléments. Choisir de façon plus précise les plantes médicinales occidentales appropriées et savoir composer un mélange unique et personnalisé pour chaque femme afin d’obtenir de meilleurs résultats dans la diminution des symptômes. […]

Deep Earth Relationships: Soil and Plant Health

To understand plants deeply, we must explore the ecological network that plants exist within. In this session we will explore soil and gain understanding of how the soil-food-web interacts with plants. Learn about the living and non-living components that make up this complex ecological community upon which we are all dependent. We will discuss the […]

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants used in Peruvian Indigenous Communities

This workshop will explore the medicinal uses and therapeutic benefits of Peruvian medicinal and aromatic plants and their extracts which support the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The important relationship between aromatics and different cleansing practices will also be discussed. The workshop will close with an individually set intention and an aromatically-enhanced cleansing […]

The Fire Cider Story: Tradition not Trademark

Herbs and herbal recipes belong to the people, hear how we have helped save the name Fire Cider in Canada and how you can help protect our herbal traditions too! We will also teach you how to make one of our favourite Fire Cider Recipe, yummy! 3 learning objectives: learn the history of fire cider […]

Building a Client-Centred Practice

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss: – identifying and centering client values and priorities – building on our clients’ personal and culture knowledge of herbs – tailoring herbal recommendations so that they are doable – creating an accessible clinic and practice

Herbs meet Water: Enhancing Your Practice by Including Hydrotherapy

Herbalists and naturopathic doctors have long expanded their armamentarium to embrace the powerful constituents that plants offer. Recognizing the inherent natural partnership between plants and water, these botanical medicine experts use specific herbs alongside numerous therapeutic options, including hydrotherapy, for patients suffering from diseases that were not ameliorated by the drug cures of their day. […]

Are Autoimmune Diseases a Coup Attempt Reflecting Cultural Traditions?

In these confusing times, many people are having a hard time balancing tradition belief with current affairs. If our body reflects our environment, is this confusion responsible for the increase in autoimmune diseases? We will look at this hypnosis and discuss clinical protocols to help both practitioners and patients to overcome these obstacles. There will […]

An Introduction to Dravyguna, Pharmacology in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is largely considered the oldest continuously practised system of medicine, and over the millennia has had a profound influence on the development of medicine in other cultures, including Graeco-Roman (Unani) and Chinese medicine. The ubiquity of its influence is attributable to the universality of its core principles, which are resonant in both classical and […]

Lessons the Plants Have Taught Me

Keynote conversation with David Winston discussing herbs, life, the benefits of making mistakes and learning from them, as well as keeping an open mind. This workshop explores the themes of community, creativity, compassion, perseverance, and difference. 3 learning objectives: keep learning and keep growing the dangers of being an expert avoiding “hardening of the mind” […]

Practicing as a Clinical Herbalist in a Free Clinic

This talk will discuss what it is like to practice as an herbalist in a free clinic. It will include clinical and counselling skills, patient compliance, logistics, donations, working with other practitioners, and all of the other tidbits gleaned working at a integrative free clinic over the past 15 years The goal is to help […]

Food Forests

Many people are interested in growing their own food, especially since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. Food security no longer seems as certain as it has in the past. Planting a “food forest” can ensure harvest of tree fruits, nuts, herbal medicines and berries year after year, often with increasing yields as trees […]

Panel – World of Herbs

Following up on last year’s unprecedented panel discussion, we will revisit the reality of the landscape of the Herbal medicine profession, and how it is practiced around the world. Our panelists will explore the pros and cons, the challenges and opportunities facing the profession of herbal medicine in the 21st century.

Chronic Lyme Disease

In the past 15 years I accompanied in my herbal practice many patients with chronic Lyme disease. Most of them had different co-infections, heavy metal and/or mycotoxin intoxication. Helping them on a slow but steady recovery has helped me understand how much the human body needs support, in chronic disease, to heal itself; and why […]

Lobelia: Friend or Foe?

Lobelia inflata is a powerful medicine and a powerful emetic. Exalted in Thomsonian medicine of the early 1800s, it has stood the test of time, and is one of the most useful specific medications herbalists use today. As a parasympathomimetic and a muslce relaxant, as a broncho-dilator and as a hypotensive, Lobelia plays a unique […]

The Art of the Botanical Dispensary: Maintaining Autonomy with the Compounding Policy

Creating customized Herbal Medicine for Client Centered Care is paramount to providing access to health care that makes meaningful changes to a person’s wellness. Working 1:1 with clients and preparing medicine specifically for their needs allows the Herbalist to ensure that the person is receiving the most appropriate herbs necessary to their wellness goals. In […]

How to Use an ID Plant Key

Learning to use a plant ID key is empowering and builds our plant ID skills for practical use. We will go through a plant ID key together in a step by step approach. Participants will be able to see the steps on screen and view images of the plant in question to follow along. While […]

Threatened and Near-Threatened Medicinal and Aromatic Plants used in Aromatic Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Perfumery

This short workshop will introduce you to at least 18% of globally traded medicinal and aromatic plants used in aromatic herbalism, aromatherapy and perfumery – which are facing extinction. It is our responsibility to be aware of who these plants are so that we can work with them respectfully and responsibly. Having an understanding of […]

Wildcrafting: Ways We Can Honour Reconciliation by How We Practice Harvesting & Cultivation

Wildcrafting is a practice that has been a popular way to harvest and gather plants in the wild and a selling feature for commercial products. As herbalists we learn about sustainable ways to harvest, what plants we can cultivate, and which to leave alone due to their population/ endangered status. But what has been missing […]

Rooted in Community Project: Reintroducing People to the Community of Plants That Share Their Neighbourhoods

Our history with plants has paralleled since the first peoples, they have offered us food, shelter, medicine, wisdom, and continue to provide us all a chance to share in common experience through the appreciation of their beauty and resilience. We cultivate them and share relationships with them in our gardens, parks, public spaces and even […]

Nature Pop and Candied Rowan Berries

In this workshop you we will share with you in detail how to prepare ‘Candied Rowan Berries’ and ‘Nature Pop’. Two recipes that will delight your friends and families. Going beyond of what you can find at the grocery stores, is easy on the wallet, in alignment with the seasons and locally prepared not only […]

Llyn y fan fach: the Lady of the Lake

With the rise of our modern dependence on analytical intellectualism and an attachment to literal presentations of information, we have lost our connection to the ancient systems of wisdom keeping through Storytelling and Myth. Through unlocking the symbolic keys of ancient myth we can once again experience the wisdom collected and passed on by our […]

Blending Ancient Indigenous Knowledge with Western Herbalism in Business

Many Indigenous people who own businesses say they “live and work in two worlds”. We must learn to intertwine and honor the cultural protocols that are entrenched in Indigenous living and working along with western business culture. This can be difficult. As an Indigenous woman I bring purpose, shared prosperity, sustainability, and legacy to the […]

Cannabis: Contraindications, Adverse Effects and Medication Interactions

Cannabis is a great medicine, but as herbalists we know that Cannabis is not the only herb! Many of our clients take cannabis so it’s important to understand the unwanted effects of the plant. Maryann has worked as a Clinical Herbalist at the BC Compassion Club Wellness Centre for 14 years (Canada’s oldest medicinal cannabis […]

Introduction to Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta, Nature’s Antibiotic Root

We focus on the herb, Cryptolepis sanguinolenta, a West African herb used traditionally for the treatment of malaria, fevers and diarrhea. We show how the plant grows and we the challenges of farming it. We review some of the research on the root’s significant antibiotic properties and why there is growing interest in using the […]

Devil’s Club: Approaching with Respect

Plant profile on Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus). Devil’s Club in many ways represents the tradition of herbal medicine. It is a potent and slow growing plant, which has been honoured and revered by all traditional cultures who live in its range. Devil’s Club is harvested from the wild, and like many wild plants it is […]

Abundant Herb Profile: Goldenrod

Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) is an excellent medicinal herb that grows in abundance across much of temperate Turtle Island. Through the lens of phytochemistry, Ember will explain various appropriate applications for Goldenrod including in the respiratory, urinary and digestive systems.

Meet the Parsley Family: A Visual Overview of Characteristics

The parsley family contains many edible, medicinal, and poisonous species. How does one tell them apart? In this quick, visual lecture, you will learn the distinguishing characteristics that are needed to key out these species. Compound umbel, umbellets, rays, bracts, stylopodium, commissure, and carpophore are some of the terms that are needed. Recognizing the poisonous […]

Treating Brain fog with Herbal Medicine, a New Formula

Brain fog is a common complication of many diseases. often the cause is inflammation in the brain , a condition that previously was not thought to exist in a sub acute state. I will relate the latest findings about lymphatic drainage in the brain and describe the herbal formula I use to successfully treat brain […]

Tasty Tisanes: Blending Infusions for Pleasure and Delight

Have you ever blended a tea only to find out that although it’s all the right herbs you want to use, it tastes gross or people don’t want to drink it? Let’s review of the foundations of blending delicious herbal teas and tisanes so that our formulas not only taste delicious, but have the right […]

Supportive Herbs for Microdosing

In this talk, I will review several medicinal plants and my reason for choosing them to support the process of microdosing, how they can be of help, and how to go about choosing your own. 3 learning objectives: Understand why microdosing psilocybin alongside a herbal regimen can improve results Discover new ways of selecting herbs […]

Wild Canadian Medicinal Mushrooms To Know: A Photographic Journey

A photographic journey into the majestic local wild Canadian forests where mushrooms, edible & medicinal, grow in profusion! Denis Manzer who has been foraging mushrooms here for many years will show you some of the key species that are good to know and easy to identify! 3 learning objectives: Identify a variety of wild Medicinal […]

The Magic of Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm deserves a place in everyone’s garden, windowsill planter box, and pantry! Safe, easy to grow, delicious, and useful in such a wide variety of ways, it’s no wonder this herb has held such high esteem for thousands of years. In this talk, we’ll explore Lemon Balm’s botany, some fascinating history, and its many […]

Natural Dyes from Plants

This workshop will bring the tradition of natural dyeing to the viewer in a step by step process that will include mordanting the fibre for colour fastness to various natural dye baths that can be harvested from the garden, the wild or from the kitchen. View samples of various dyed fibres and how certain plant […]

Importance of Native Pollinators

An introduction to pollinators and the crucial role they play in the health of the planet, including criticism of honey bees (Apis mellifera). Starting with a basic biology lesson on what pollination, is and how this is accomplished by the (many) different types of pollinators. The talk will then move into the importance of pollinators […]

Tradition and Change in Historical Research

Over time, the phrase ‘herbal traditions’ has meant many things. This is largely due to the organic nature of traditional practice and its propensity for change. Notably, change can assume many forms – from the inherent evolution of oral history, personal observation and cumulative knowledge to the rise of literacy and the revolution of print […]

Walking Meditation

In this walk, we will be engaging the principles of mindfulness to connect our internal and external experience. Mindful movement is often a gateway into the practical application of mindfulness for those who may find a sitting practice challenging or want to expand their current practice. When we consider how to strengthen our commitment to […]

Who Was Hildegard Von Bingen?

Join us for an introduction to this remarkable, unstoppable renaissance woman and learn of her life contributions to art, music, language, medicine, botany and healing. This short talk would not be complete without highlighting points of intrigue and stories of her adventures which make historical contributions all the more in fascinating. 3 learning objectives: learn […]

Interview with a Couple o’ Herb Farmers

Join organic Herb Farmers Dane and Störii for a Q & A Session, as they answer questions submitted by their community/social media followers/email subscribers! They will be exploring inquiries about all thing’s agriculture/herbal medicine growing such as: Realities vs Expectations of Medicinal Herb Growing The Herbal Farm Market Small-Scale Agriculture/Biodynamic Growing How to get started […]

Walking Meditation

In this walk, we will be engaging the principles of mindfulness to connect our internal and external experience. Mindful movement is often a gateway into the practical application of mindfulness for those who may find a sitting practice challenging or want to expand their current practice. When we consider how to strengthen our commitment to […]

Fermentation as Delivery System for Herbal Medicine

In this session, you are going to learn how to make a very specific, yet broadly applicable, form of natural fermentation that you can use as a delivery system for herbal medicine. Whether preserving your harvest or ensuring you’re taking your herbs, here is yet another way for you and your clients to work with […]

Elecampane: From Harvest to Remedy

Elecampane (Inula helenium) has been used for generations to strengthen lungs and digestion, tone the mucus membranes and act as an anti-viral. In this session, become a virtual participant in a live autumn harvest of this beautiful plant. From here, we will proceed to putting up a tincture and preparing the root for drying. We’ll […]

Interview with a Herbal Elder: Rick DeSylva talks with Zhyfhs Millicent

Rick DeSylva is a clinical herbalist with quite a breadth and depth of experience with herbal medicine in Canada—he has been in private practice since 1977, he’s been a co-founder of multiple herbal organizations including the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations (2003), the Ontario Herbalists Association (1982), and the Central Canadian Herbal Practitioners Association (1993), […]

Root Into Your Plant Path – Morning Meditation

Root deeply into your plant path before a day of learning. Together in this 20-minute meditation, we’ll ground deep into the world, explore your unique path and meet a plant spirit ally to journey and support you through the next moon cycle. 3 learning objectives: Ground and relax before a day of learning Connect with […]

The River of Abundance for Your Herbal Business – Morning Meditation

Connect to the river of abundance for your herbal business. Together in this 20-minute meditation, we’ll explore your unique sacred waters, energetically connect to the flow of abundance, and meet your businesses’ deva. 3 learning objectives: Ground and relax before a day of learning Connect with their unique river of abundance Meet your businesses’ deva

Passing forward the Knowledge, Interview with Dr. Terry Willard

Join Dr. Terry Willard in recalling some of the most impactful apprenticeships he had over his 50 year career as a Herbalist. Many of these mentors had a great impact in shaping his herbal journey.